Selecting the best socks for your baby

By Cathrine on December 2, 2018 in Blog

How do you go about selecting the best socks for your baby?

Just like there is a particular mystery about the smell of a baby, there is another even bigger mystery. Baby FEET! How is it possible to not go “Aaawwwww” when those tiny toes wiggles. But as with everything else, you know those feet have to remain warm, dry and cozy throughout the day, but luckily you can choose from a massive amount of different socks. Lets dive into the best socks for your baby


The Three Stages of Socks



Most important, keep them soft and cozy. Elasticity is good, so they won't drop them during the day when the toes wiggle away.


Young walkers:

One word, socks with grip. When not wholly confident on its legs, the last thing they need is a pair of sock that feels like a pair of ice skates!



Their feet have to go into a pair of shoes at this point, so a pair of socks with the appropriate length, thickness and material are essential.


The easy choice:

If you are to busy to rumble around the laundry every morning, the easiest solution is to stick to one color.

Though it's appropriately not the most exciting choice, it makes it more comfortable in the busy mornings.

The good thing about this is that it's easy to find these in bulk for pretty cheap.


The interesting choice:

You can find socks with pretty much any pattern, color, and shape you might desire.

Festive sock for Christmas? No problem.

Socks with choo-choo train on them? No problem.

Get creative, dress those feet the most adorable way you can think of. Don't worry; your baby won't mind unless you put a picture on his/her 15-year birthday cake, of him/her wearing reindeer socks!


The organic choice:

You might think that Organic socks are dull and colorless. Not at all!

There are plenty of cute and colorful choices when searching for an organic alternative.

Organic socks are usually made from cotton grown without the use of toxic pesticides or fertilizers.

It is the healthy choice for those little feet. In my opinion, this is the best socks for your baby


The non-skid choice:

When the little one is getting bigger and starting to roam around, non-skid is absolute key!

The silicone rubber dots underneath the sock will make sure your baby is not skating all over the floor.

Many socks have this, and you will instantly feel them if you are in doubt.

These have been the savior of many cries in our house (slippery floors….). Get them now, thank me later.

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