Infant Optics DXR-8 Baby Monitor Honest Review

By Cathrine on December 13, 2018 in Blog

No one would want their baby to sleep throughout the night without checking to know how the baby is. For parents, it can be stressful especially if the baby’s crib is not close to the parents’ bedroom. For a long time, parents have tried to use child monitoring devices, but they did not get the expected results. The good news is that the new Infant DXR-8 device has revolutionized baby monitoring experience.

After spending several weeks with the infant DXR-8 baby monitor, I have experienced amazing results. I would love to sleep in the same proximity as my son, maybe even take a nap with him. But despite how comfortable and easy it would be, it is inevitable that he will soon get used to his crib. I’m not sure whether I would have been able to be ready for this period mentally, but  Infant Optics DXR-8 baby monitor has been quite helpful with the entire process. If I hear noises, I can just turn off the screen and use it as an audio device only. This makes it quite handy and easy to use.

The DXR-8 infant baby monitor is a revolutionary product on the market that could help new parents gets a good night’s sleep. How much do you think a product such as this would be worth? Well, if you factor in the stress of having a baby, the importance of getting at least 8 hours of rest cannot be ignored — the difficulty of sleeping for new parents is unimaginable. The peace of mind allows a new parent to have a good night’s sleep, and this is priceless. That is why DXR-8 is an essential product. The DXR-8 baby monitor comes with interchangeable optic lens from infant optic 7 and is more advanced than your parents’ baby monitor. As opposed to most fixed mount baby monitors, this device allows parents to customize their camera view remotely without entering the room and disrupting the baby’s sleep. The camera comes out of the package with two lenses but can use up to three.

In this review of the infant optics DXR-8 baby monitor camera, I will walk you through some of the quick basic features of the lenses that it comes with. First, you can do a simple pan tilt up and down, left and right. The infant baby monitor comes with two lenses, one is a standard lens, and the second is the 2x zoom lens. Recently, I bought a $10 wide-angle lens that is specific to the infant optics DXR-8. I’m expecting a baby in about two months, but I got this recently shipped to me in advance so that I can play with it and check it out and It has been pretty good so far.

Now, let's take a look at the different lenses. The first lens is the 2x zoom lens. With the lens, you can zoom in quite well with this lens, and the wide-angle lens helps you see the whole room quite well; kind of like the GoPro wide-angle lens. This will be very useful when my son grows older and starts walking around. I will be able to see the entire room without panning and tilting the camera. It is easy to swap these lenses on and off of an SLR camera. A standard lens provides excellent mid-range coverage, and zoom lens allows you to have a crystal-clear close-up of your child as he or she sleeps. The optical zoom does not deteriorate resolution or image clarity. The add-on wide-angle lens is sold separately, and it allows a parent to view the entire room up to a hundred and seventy degrees. This is ideal for toddlers who may get out of the bed when they are alone at night. Regardless of which lens a parent uses, the pan-tilt features to get the maximum coverage.

DXR-8 features

So now, I’m going to walk you through the features. First, there is two-way talk, a shortcut menu to adjust the volume and the contrast. There is a menu to adjust the volume, contrast screen off timer, a digital zoom, an alarm, and other basic features. The infant baby monitor has night vision quality. With the pitch dark quality when you can’t see anything, but through the LCD screen of the baby monitor, you can see everything in the room quite clearly — the display unit 3.5 color display LCD screen with automatic infrared night vision feature. This means that even when the lights are out; it is easy for parents to watch their child.


The camera can be rotated remotely from the screen either move from left to right or up and down depending on how you like it, but it has limited mobility. If the camera is pointing at your son’s crib with the standard lens, sometimes it can lose track of him. This can happen especially if he stands up at once at one side or rolls down to another corner. If such a scenario occurs, it would be nice to be able to move the lens at a little bit more.

From the hand-held menu, you can adjust the menu within a range you would love. One or two notches are enough to hear if it’s nearby. The top-notch is normally very loud, but there are indicator lights along the left edge. Loud sounds like your baby crying will have the light alert you even if the monitor is muted. The settings allow the user to change brightness, set the to screen automatically turn off after a certain period, or zoom in or out.

At the top of the screen, you can see the signal strength, whether it is on night vision mode or not, the battery life and the room’s temperature are always shown on the screen. The infant DXR-8 baby monitor allows a parent to do everything he or she would ever want to. Once you plug it in, everything automatically operates at the same rate. This makes the moving camera breeze if it is not mounted on the wall. Changing either day or night mode is totally silent and dynamic, which means that your baby is not alerted at all.


The Infant Optics DXR-8 baby monitor helps parents to monitor their kids without any confusion. The product gives parents the opportunity to enjoy parenthood as they monitor their child. Also, Infant Optics DXR-8 is a major milestone in baby monitoring business. It is the best baby monitor of the year. The product is way ahead of its competitors according to the tests done on radio and video infant optic monitors. DXR-8 goes an extra mile with multiple security features. All the basic features that a parent expects from a video baby monitor are well executed in this device. The price is excellent compared to some of the other models in the market. Currently, the device costs around $165. After comparing the product with other devices in the market, I will rate the product 9.5/10.

Buyers from outside US have complained that they cannot get its accessories in their countries. Such concerns can reduce its sales outside US because if a device part gets faulty, it will be hard to replace it. The charger for the monitor in this webcam is not compatible with many outlets. The company has not provided a customer with alternatives. Customers from other countries outside the US are not amused with the product because the company does not give them a warranty. For example, the charger for an actual camera is USB, but DXR-8 is different.

You can check out the Infant optics DXR-8 baby monitor here

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